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Beta 1.3 Minecraft Server
Vanilla+ Minecraft Server (inactive)
MonoPack Modded Minecraft Server (inactive)
Alpha 1.2.6 Minecraft Server (inactive)


MonoSoho is a gaming community which, amongst other things, ran a Vanilla Minecraft server, on the same map, continuously from November 2010 until June 2015.

Starting with MC Alpha 1.2.0 running hey0's hMod on the server, went through the Bukkit years and ended up around MC 1.8 on Spigot.

Along the way we also ran modded Minecraft servers. Initially dabbling in Tekkit's early builds before developing our own series of modpacks. We also ran one of the largest Starmade servers for a few years.


Plans for the future?

A new game, in the early stages of development 'Inopia' will be released in a limited beta test in the future. It's just Mono working on it, so is still a long way from playable. - Don't hold your breath.

Long live the distraction!